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Acoustical Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Ceiling Pro™ has developed a non-toxic cleaning process to restore acoustical ceiling tiles to 'like new' condition quickly, safely, and cost effectively. With cleaning rather than replacing the tiles, our customers have realized more than 60% savings. We also clean and disinfect cafeteria and kitchen areas that use vinyl-rock ceiling tiles.

Our process includes the cleaning of the t-bar, lighting lenses & heating/air grids, which removes dirt, cigarette smoke, water stains, food, fire and chemical residues. We can perform the work in off-business hours, if necessary, resulting in no business interruption.

Benefits you can expect from our experience include:

Impressive Cost Savings! - Costs less than 50% of a professional paint job and up to 75% savings over tile replacement!

Keeps Absorbing Sound! - Painting destroys ceiling acoustical values. You pay dearly for the sound absorption properties!

Important! Keeps Fire Resistance Intact! - Paint on a ceiling can give a fire a fast path to increased structural damage and add to safety hazards for persons in the building.

Brightens You Environment! - Instead of painting, replacing tile or adding new light fixtures, use the Ceiling Pro Process to increase your areas luminosity. That's real energy consciousness, with cost savings built right in!

Disinfects, Sanitizes And Deodorizes Too! - Our services do all this in addition to removing dirt! The Ceiling Pro Process is absolutely necessary for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and restaurants where ceilings are too often overlooked!

We Won't Be In Your Way! - Our insured, bonded and specially trained service crews work quickly and come in at your convenience. Because this is such a quiet and mess-free operation, you will appreciate our efficient in and out.

Special Methods For Special Problems! - Dirty vent areas, water stains and other problems are no problem with Ceiling Pro.
Safety Tested Chemicals! - Ceiling Pro uses only the safest, and highest quality chemicals available. This chemicals do not include bleach or strong oxidizing agents.

Meets OSHA requirements!

Before and After:



Recently Ceiling Pro was hired to clean the ceilings in the bar and kitchen for the American Legion Post 263 in Lincoln, Illinois. The ceiling in the bar was a dirty yellow from years of smokers. The kitchen ceiling was a dirtier yellow because of grease from the fryers. Mr. Stephens and his crew did an outstanding job. Both ceilings are snow white. Mr. Stephens was punctual and easy to work with. His prices are affordable. After cleaning the ceiling Mr. Stephens and crew cleaned up the bar and kitchen. You could not tell they were there, except for the clean ceilings. We at Post 263 highly recommend Ceiling Pro for your next Clean up.

Gary L.
Manager, American Legion Post 263


We would like to take this opportunity to say your crew arrived on time as scheduled and when the cleaning of our ceiling was completed we were completely satisfied. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any individual or business.

Kathleen M. Dillions Pizza


I just wanted to take the time and express my thanks and amazement in the work you and your crew accomplished in cleaning our kitchen and office ceilings. These ceilings never looked better. Your crew was accommodating and polite to our staff and worked around our hours of operation to get the job completed. We could have easily replaced the ceiling tile, but your product allowed us to get this accomplished at about a quarter of the price. You have a great product and I can see using it more throughout St. John’s campus.

John P. Assistant Director,
Engineering & Construction St. John’s Hospital


This is a letter to thank you for the excellent joy your company did in cleaning our Kitchen ceiling tiles, vents and light fixtures covers. They had never been cleaned before and WOW, what a difference it has made. Your staff was very efficient, neat and they cleaned up after themselves.

Tadd Moorehead
Director of Facilities First United Methodist Church